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News from Anne – July 2017

I’m so excited that I finally get to talk about Sekkrit Audio Project! THE BIG ONE is an audio-first exclusive with Audible. The very sexy and talented Jacob Morgan (he narrated E.L. James’s GREY and does Lauren Blakely’s rom con books as Zachary Webber) is narrating the hero.

Being a firefighter means I work hard and can go all night. But hey, I’ve got plenty of fires to put out in my downtime, too. Fortunately, I’ve got just the tool to do it…and I would have been happy to show you before a sassy, sexy brunette crash-landed in my life.

Lola is quirky; she’s talented; she’s unbelievably gorgeous; and she’s getting over the world’s worst breakup. I’ve got two words for you: off limits.

So even if her smoking-hot body drives me nuts, I’ll keep my tool to myself. We’re friends — not lovers. I’ve got her back, even if what I really want to have is her front. Her mouth. Every delicious, curvy inch of her.

And then one hot, dirty night in the bed of my truck, she makes it clear that she’s on fire for me. After stoking the flames and achieving a blowup of nuclear proportions, I know I’m in big trouble. Once isn’t enough. Now my need for her is a four-alarm blaze…and I’m beginning to think I don’t ever want it to burn out.