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News from Anne – February 9th, 2015

Happy New Year! Uh, yeah… I’m that far behind ;) February and March are shaping up to be busy yet again. My fourth When SEALs Come Home book releases on 2.15.2015. Joey Carter, the hero of HEATED, is one of my all-time favorite bad boys. He’s got a need for speed and a mouth he just can’t keep shut. And when he meets the deputy sheriff of Strong, California, sparks fly.

I also have my third Harlequin Blaze release on March 17th (print) and April 1st (ebook). Mia, the heroine, is a returning vet–and my first military heroine. When she accidentally misses her cruise ship, she’s reunited with the Navy hottie with whom she had a one night stand. Mia doesn’t like asking for–or accepting help–but she’s in a tight spot. Tag definitely remembers Mia. Remembers her touch, the searing heat of their chemistry…and how she pulled rank on him in bed. The sexual attraction between them is as fierce as it ever was. But when Tag blurts out that they’re engaged—a tiny little lie—their naughty, no-strings secret arrangement is out! And now an even bigger secret has taken its place…

I’m currently finishing a prequel for WICKED SECRETS (sign up for my newsletter to get it first and for free!) and a new book in a very sexy Blaze trilogy. After that, there will be another When SEALs Come Home book (Kade’s story) and a Cajun werewolf book. As always, thanks so much for reading–I truly appreciate it!



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