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News from Anne – Spring 2019

After taking a year off for personal reasons, I’m thrilled to be back and writing. I’m still figuring out exactly what my 2019 (yes, I had to go check the date on my laptop!) and 2020 release schedule will look like, but I’m thrilled to announce that I’m writing a sexy billionaire trilogy for Harlequin Dare. HER INTERN releases on November 1, 2019 and the second book will be March 2020 (with the third to follow later that year).

For those of us who are Team Werewolf, I’m working on a new shifter series and will be doing a holiday trilogy for my Breed MC series because… werewolves + Christmas = fun!

After that, it’s a big TBD and I’m currently working on several new series proposals. Thank you so much for reading with me!