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January 2017



January 2017

News from Anne – Spring 2017

I hibernated this winter in the Writing Cave. It’s not like Northern California (the official site of said cave) is precisely a winter wonderland or teeming with snow, but I’ve been heads down, working on several projects. I’m hoping to be able to announce one of them soon, but here’s a hint: I’ll have a new contemporary series releasing June through December of this year. Think bad boys, romantic comedy, and a little forest-fighting action…

On the paranormal front, I’m working on books four and five in my Breed series. Gator’s story will be a May release, with Fang’s to follow. I’m also working on a new series that will launch in the fall.

And if you haven’t heard… I’m working on a reader’s group! You can join me on Facebook for sneak peek, exclusive arcs, and other fun things.