Fantasy by the Tale

Yes, I’m compulsively tracking any and all mentions of HUNT across the blogosphere. It’s actually been an excellent way to discover new blogs. Of course, that’s not so good for finishing the next book (whoops, does my editor read this? because I promise… that word count’s coming along), but it’s certainly improved my morning cup of coffee.

The latest mention is on Fantasy by the Tale, who claim to be eagerly anticipating HUNT’s release. Of course, that’s probably just their standard page header, but it makes this author feel good. And it introduced me to Leontine from Leontine’s Book Realm. One of the best parts of getting a publishing contract has been the chance to meet all sorts of wonderful readers and bloggers that I might not have met otherwise. Plus, at my husband’s work’s Christmas party (can a gal use that many possessives in one sentence?), I discovered that announcing to an entire table of engineers that you write sexy paranormal romance does interesting things to the conversation. In either case, I’m now on a count down to HUNT’s release… just two more months!


~ by Anne Marsh on July 26, 2009.

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