Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday! Now that Gia’s having her wicked way with Rio in BURNS SO BAD

AnneMarsh_BurnsSoBad_200Having Rio as her secret was fun.

Sexy as hell.

And yet… something was missing. She wasn’t sure what it was, but maybe dirty secrets took more than two nights to mature. Whatever. Rio came to her or she went to him—she wanted to keep their relationship even—and the sex was great. Keeping her hands off him when they were at work was a challenge, but she figured she’d get used to it. Or they’d burn themselves out and go back to being just jump partners. Option B was far more likely than that first one.

The third morning, when she opened her cabin door, she discovered Rio had been playing Secret Santa. He bought her a prickly cactus with a fleshy red flower smack on top of the spiny barrel. Jesus. She didn’t want to know why he thought of her when he saw that thing, but not only had he, but he’d transplanted the poor thing from the florist’s shop to her front porch. The small card announced Made me think of you in a dark, slashing stroke. He had beautiful handwriting.

If he wanted to swap bouquets, she’d play. She’d whacked down armloads of goldenrod with her machete and dumped them between the sheets of his bed. For my golden boy she’d scrawled in magic marker on his pillow.

Her handwriting was nowhere near as precise as his.

He got the message, though, or maybe he just believed thank yous should be said in person, because she woke up and she definitely wasn’t alone. Rio’s weight pressed her deep into the mattress. Shifting, she curled her legs around his hips. Hello. Something soft stroked over her skin. He’d brought flowers to share. How very nice.


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~ by Anne Marsh on December 17, 2013.

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