Teaser Tuesday!

AnneMarsh_BurnsSoBad_200Rio smiled, a slow, lazy curl of his lips that definitely should have been illegal. Gia knew, because she looked. She considered pulling the truck over and having her way with him again but that smacked of desperation.

“Are you asking me if I’m going to stop looking at you when we’re out in the field?”

Was she? She stared at the ribbon of highway like the answer was painted there between the neat yellow lines.

“Sure,” she said finally.

He laughed. “I doubt it. I like looking at you.”

That was definitely heat flushing her face. Damn it, she didn’t blush. Of course, she also didn’t flirt or have hot sexual flings either. Apparently, it was her summer for new experiences. She hadn’t thought much beyond getting Rio in her truck and then getting this itch she had for him out of her system. He leaned towards her and her body hadn’t got the memo that Rio was a one-time treat to herself.

Her body definitely wanted more.

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~ by Anne Marsh on December 31, 2013.

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