Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday! Summer is heating up for hotshot Dade Johnson when Rosalie kisses him on a dare in HOT ZONE…


She stepped around the food-laden table and stalked toward him, a determined look in her eye. He didn’t know what she wanted, but he’d seen fire start up a hill that way, unstoppable and devouring everything in its path.  That look spelled trouble. He backed his ass up, doing a little fancy footwork. What. The . . .


Sarah Jo threw her arms around his neck, stretching up on tiptoe. Her enthusiastic embrace pinned the empty tray between them, his fingers curling around the edges. He’d catch hell from the boys for that one later. He felt cheated with that hard plastic pressed against his chest instead of Sarah Jo. Those millimeters separating him from her were a shame.

She smelled good, too. Pancakes and syrup, with a hint of something floral and feminine. She definitely smelled better than he did.

She pulled his head down toward her. There was nothing tentative or shy about her, just that happy laughter in her eyes and in her voice. “It’s going to be a real good morning, hotshot.”


Available 1/16/2014!


~ by Anne Marsh on January 7, 2014.

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