Super sexy freebie!

Freebie! One of my 2014 resolutions is to write more and share more… and this thirty-page short story jumped up and down and begged to be first. I’ll find something for my contemporary readers next

PHARON’S DEMON is an extremely naughty thirty-page short story that was later expanded and rewritten as THE HUNT. Warning: It includes hot sex, space opera, spanking, and some smoking hot demons who know exactly how to give a thief what she deserves.

Space pirate Bennu loves getting caught… a little too much. With her job at risk, she scores one last chance to prove she has what it takes by stealing topazes from the mines of Pharon. Bennu can’t afford to be caught and she can’t indulge her secret passions—but can she resist when she is caught red-handed by Mkhai, one of Pharon’s demons—and he metes out his own special brand of punishment?

Eventually, the short story will be available for free at all the usual suspects… right now, though, you’ll need to start with Smashwords or ARE (or fork out a completely unnecessary 99 cents while I wait for Amazon to price match to free):

Pharon's Demon


~ by Anne Marsh on January 8, 2014.

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