Bayou Wolves Boxed Set: Excerpt #1!

It’s release week for my new Bayou Wolves Boxed Set: Luc, Cruz and Gianna. I’m thrilled to share the trio’s complete story–and some sexy excerpts–with you!


Gianna comes strolling across the lawn toward me. She walks sweetly casual, her hips doing a roll and sway that makes me want to chase her down and kiss her. Her pink dress clings to her breasts and her ass. She’s magnificent, beautiful as hell inside and out, but she’s rumpled. Messed up more than a little. The fabric below her waist sports sharp creases like someone has crushed her skirt beneath his fingers, and there’s no missing the grass stain on her back when she turns to greet someone.

I’m almost certain she’s not wearing panties anymore.

The closer she gets, the more I smell Luc on her. Not the male’s seed, but something more pervasive, like he’s touched her skin, pressed his own against hers over and over. Shit. The other Alpha has staked his claim on her in the most primitive way possible. I think about that while I wait for her to come to me. I still want her, and this isn’t about the sex. Gianna’s a beautiful woman, but I can find that with someone else if I look. Gianna herself is the prize, the reason to play this game. I have a bad feeling she’s unique, my one and only, and I’m betting she’s just come all over my competition’s tongue.

“Hey,” she says, gliding to a halt in front of me. Her eyes flicker down. Right. I have my arms crossed over my chest while I lean back in the beribboned rental chair Riley decided matched her wedding theme. I probably don’t look too friendly. I force my body to relax. I don’t want to run her off.

I want to hold her.

Take her.

Win her.

“Hey yourself,” I say. My voice sounds gruff, as if I haven’t done the small talk thing at all while she’s been off getting to know Luc a whole lot better. Don’t think about it.

“Luc and I had some things to talk about.”

I don’t want to hear about talking either, so I gently tug her down into the empty seat beside me. I like having her that close, my knee brushing against her leg, because I won’t pull back any farther. Crowding her some, reminding her that I’m here. I’d prefer to park her sweet little butt on my lap, but I’ve already pushed my luck today by bringing Luc’s mate to the wedding as my own fucking date. Riley will kill me if Luc and I fight in the middle of her reception, and I’d deserve it. Riley has planned this afternoon for months. Violence can keep until tomorrow.

“You get everythin’ settled?”

I have to know if I still have a chance. It’s late afternoon, the time of day when the light takes on a gold tinge as the sun thinks about packing it in for the day. The color painting Gianna’s cheeks is a really pretty pink, however, that has nothing to do with the time or the weather. Right. Because it’s awkward telling your date that you’ve just snuck away for a quickie with someone else. I wait patiently. She’ll tell me or she won’t, and then I’ll know where I stand.

“Luc wants me to give our relationship a chance.”

Usually I’d be all rah-rah supportive. No matter how much I play the field or enjoy women, I believe in the mating bond and settling down with the one perfect someone. My pack doesn’t have this blue moon dating service bullshit that Luc’s pack does, but that doesn’t make our feelings any less intense or valid. So I stretch my legs out a little more, brushing against her bare legs. She jumps, but doesn’t move away. Victory. Maybe this thing with Luc and her is only sex.

“Commitment is important,” I say, because fuck me if I have a script for this and I need to add some words to the silence.

She nods enthusiastically but then makes a face. “We might have been almost married for ten years, but right now it feels more like ten hours.”

I’m more interested in the past ten minutes.

“But you’re going to give him his chance.”

“It’s only fair.” Her blush deepens. “He asked for a week and I agreed. I don’t know what I want, but he and I made promises to each other, even if we didn’t think them through, and we need to work it out. Is that a problem?”

The unspoken for us has my damned wolf whining in happy agreement. I can probably come to terms with sharing her body for the moment. It’s her heart I want one hundred percent.

I shook my head. “Hell if I know, but it won’ make anythin’ easy.”

“You boys don’t do easy.” She flashes me a smile that makes my insides melt into a puddle of happy.

I figure my slow grin is answer enough. “True.”

The wedding winds down around us, the caterers moving in to break down the tents.

“I’m spending the next week with Luc,” Gianna reminds me, blurting the words out as if she’s tried to work her way up to them and then given up on finesse.

I bet Luc has every intention of using his week to convince her to make their relationship permanent. It’s what I’d do.

“I can’t be getting’ in the middle of that.” But I want to. The words tumble out of my mouth before I can apply the verbal brake. “You goin’ to give me the next week?”

The way her face turns scarlet is so cute. Maybe it’s a human thing, being embarrassed at the possibility of having sex with two guys. It’s different for me. The sex is important, sure, but the emotions that go with it were key. At the end of the day, sex is just a case of body parts getting along and having a real good time. Apparently I can accept Luc in her bed as long as I’m the one she holds in her heart.

“Please,” I add roughly. “You give him a chance, you give me a chance. Then you do any deciding you need to do.”

Her short, jerky nod surprises the hell out of me. Holy mother of… she agreed.

“Is that a promise?” Pushing your luck, wolf man.

“Yeah.” She stares at me, surprise painted all over her face. “It is.”

It’s no fucking shock that Luc picks this moment to intrude, striding over to us with an unmistakable note of possession in his eyes.


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~ by Anne Marsh on October 15, 2015.

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