Bayou Wolves — Excerpt #2!

It’s release week for my new Bayou Wolves Boxed Set: Luc, Cruz and Gianna. I’m thrilled to share the trio’s complete story–and some sexy excerpts–with you!


Gianna doesn’t have to ask me twice. I swing her up into my arms and carry her inside. By the time I set her down on the bed, I realize my mistake. I was so focused on convincing Gianna to take a chance on me, that I didn’t consider the implications of hopping into bed with Luc Breaux. Christ. If fucking another Alpha’s mate is grounds for pack warfare, how about doing the male himself?

“This is about Gianna only,” I say gruffly. “Not you. Not me.”

Luc jerks his head in agreement. “No pack business in the bedroom.”

That settled, I consider my next move. Whatever the Breauxs get up to out here in the bayou—and I do not want to know—I’ve never done something like this before. Agreement or no agreement, I’m also not stage managing taking Gianna to bed. I’ll touch her. Luc can touch. She’ll react. That represents the sum total of my plans.

Gianna pushes up on one arm, the movement sending the fringed thing she wears sliding down her arm. A kind of wrap, I decide, like a robe but made out of a thin, blue gauze with bright pink flowers. Since I can see the skin of her arm through the translucent fabric, I like it. Of course, I’d like it even better if she were naked and wearing only that. She stares at me, pink cheeked. Desire—or embarrassment? Christ, as much as I like looking at her, touching would be even better.

“Guys first,” she announces. “Strip.”

Luc doesn’t hesitate. He just strips down. He’s not wearing much to begin with—jeans and a T-shirt. Hell, I have even less to lose since my entire wardrobe at the moment consists of a pair of borrowed pants. As buttons pop and pants hit the floor, I watch her, gauging her reaction. If she changes her mind, if we frighten her, I don’t want to push when I should pull back. I bet she hasn’t done this before either, which makes me feel better. We can be ménage virgins together.

She certainly doesn’t look scared or nervous. When I shuck my jeans, her eyes darken, her lips parting. Hello. She’s gorgeous and I have no idea what I did to deserve this invitation. I’ll make it good for her. Meeting Luc’s eyes, I read the same determination there.

“Your turn.” I reach for her shorts. She helps me get them off, revealing a lacy yellow thong. She likes her colors.

So do I. I run a finger down the center of her panties. “Off?”

“Off,” she agrees.

She lifts her butt to help me. Screw getting her shirt off. That’s Luc’s problem. I grab her hips and pull her toward the side of the bed. Sinking down on my knees, I push her wide with my shoulders and drink in the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. Wet, slick folds. Soft, pink flesh. I lean forward and kiss the top of her mound.

Luc drops onto the bed, sliding behind her. He cups her breasts, gently squeezing the tips. She moans and leans back into his support. Good enough. I don’t really get off on watching Luc touch her, not when she’s spread out like a feast. I want to eat her up, lick her folds clean of her juices. My first kiss on the soft skin of her thigh is another fucking revelation. She wriggles and shivers, pressing into my touch like she can’t get enough.

I kiss my way higher.

Her scent lures me, has me curling my fingers into her hips to hold her mercilessly still for my touch. Higher, planting a kiss on the ticklish crease between her hip and her pussy.

Then… yeah… I’m in heaven. I open her up carefully with my fingers, drinking in her gasps as I kiss her. Savor the sweet taste of her. I fantasized about this, but the reality is so much better. This part of her is perfect too.

She likes what I’m doing. She might be shy about asking for two guys together, but now she’s got us in bed, she isn’t holding back. I love that about her. Once she decides to go for something, she really, really goes all in. I rim her small entrance with my tongue.

Having her stretched out between me and Luc is surreal. Luc caresses her breasts with his hands, taking her mouth in a long, hot kiss. I brush against Luc as I kiss Gianna again. Avoiding the other man isn’t possible. And it isn’t bad, just… different.

Gianna starts making those throaty moans I love so much as I tease her some more. Lick another lazy figure eight around her clit and down again. Luc gets her tank top off at some point, and our clothes are scattered across the bedroom floor like the white flag of sweet surrender.

I lift my head. “You wan’ to switch?”

“Don’t I get a vote?”

I pet her with my fingers while I wait, her silky tissues clinging to me as I penetrate her with a finger.

“If you behave yourself,” Luc says roughly. “Otherwise, we’re in charge, shug.”

Sounds like a no to me and I desperately need to be inside her now, so I climb up onto the bed, roll onto my side, and pull her backside up against my dick.

“Impatient?” She moans again when I penetrate her and I slow down. Tight and slick, she has the sweetest death grip on me. Oh, yeah. I’m not lasting long tonight.


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~ by Anne Marsh on October 16, 2015.

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