Excerpt from HIS DARK BOND

His Dark BondZer held out one large, male hand, and, God, was Nessa tempted. She shouldn’t. Oh, she really shouldn’t. But it had been so long since she’d done something just for her. She knew it didn’t mean anything, couldn’t mean anything, so she wouldn’t get hurt. She wasn’t in the market for happily-ever-after, and, even if she had been, he wasn’t selling anyhow.

“No strings,” she warned, and she put her hand in his. His fingers closed over hers. Strong. Warm. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the fit. The teasing sensation of skin against skin wouldn’t let her forget how rough he was, how masculine, how hard.

Not quite human.

He murmured a command, and the lights dimmed, wrapping them in a dark cocoon. Just the two of them, Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Come with me.” His voice was a dark promise. “Don’t renege on me now. I’ll make you feel good, baby.”

“This doesn’t mean anything,” she warned again. She almost didn’t recognize her voice. The tone was raw, husky with unfamiliar need.

“Understood. Just pleasure,” he coaxed.

He drew her back to the vidscreens. Settled into the large leather armchair, pulling her down onto his lap.

“Watch,” he breathed against her skin. One hand moved confidently over the bank of controls, punching in codes. The camera zoomed in, and Nael filled the small screen, still wrapped around his blond.