Excerpt from HOT ZONE

HotZone_AnneMarsh_200“Kiss the first hotshot you see.” Rosalie, the cook on Sarah Jo’s left, waved her spatula for emphasis, her ponytail bouncing with each gesture. “Whoever’s first in line, just lay one on him…”

The noise of the returning crew drowned out Rosalie’s laughter. Battered pick-ups bounced over the rutted road, disgorging a load of hotshots and the unmistakable smell of smoke and outdoors and something else indefinably masculine.  Although the odd woman worked the ground crew, most of the team was male. Through and through.

Sarah Jo eyed the approaching horde.

One kiss. How could it hurt?

“All right,” she decided. “I’m in.”

Rosalie tossed her a pot of cherry lip gloss. “Lube it up, honey. Give him something to remember.”