Excerpt from VIKING’S ORDERS

AnneMarsh_VikingsOrders200When Vikar’s big hand moved deliberately from the handlebar to Pure’s thigh, she tensed before she could stop herself. Willing, she reminded herself. She’d agreed to this. The heat of that hand stroking a small circle on her thigh was unfamiliar but not unpleasant, and she relaxed. Let her head fall forward. He smelled of leather and male and beneath the coppery blood, a woodsy, outdoor scent. The sun was going down, dusk settling over the road and leaving the riders alone in a sea of shadows. Leaving her impossibly aware of that hand moving up her thigh. Her breath caught in a little whimper when his hand found and cupped her.

“Vikar.” She swallowed nervously, but there was nowhere to go.

“You promised,” he said roughly. “You agreed that you’d be willing.” He didn’t move, just touched her, waiting. “I agreed I wouldn’t hurt you. If I don’t touch you, you will be hurting, baby. I’m too big to take you if you’re not ready. So I’m going to touch you right now, just a little. Right here, on the outside of your pants.” His thumb made a slow, sensual pass down her sex.

She was wrapped around him, riding his bike. And she’d be riding him within the hour. She’d given him her word—now he was giving her his. He’d have what she’d promised, but he’d keep his part of their bargain, too. No pain. Uncertainly, she relaxed, the tension leaving her legs. Allowing him to take charge seemed wrong, but the motor’s smooth gait sent waves of delicious vibrations through her. And that damned hand of his didn’t move. She wriggled, rocking into him.

“See?” He whispered his question. “That’s not bad at all, is it? You could enjoy that much, couldn’t you?”

“Vikar…” The heavy, hot weight of his hand between her legs had her waiting for something she didn’t recognize.

“I bet,” he ground out, “you have fantasies, right? Maybe, when you’re alone at night and somewhere between the dream world and awake, maybe then you think about finding yourself a big, hard mercenary. Someone tough enough to give you exactly what you need.”

“I—” Her voice broke. Maybe indeed.

Unexpectedly, he offered her reassurance, the promise of a softer side she could reach. “I’m just going to give you pleasure now, and all you have to do is enjoy it. You can do that, can’t you?”

She could. “Yes,” she answered.

“Close your eyes,” he suggested. “While I stroke this soft pussy of yours.”