No Kindle?

Some of my books are exclusive to Amazon through the end of 2014, but that doesn’t mean you need a Kindle to read them!

You can download and install a free Kindle app on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. (Heresy admission #1: I use the Kindle app on my iPad personally)

If you don’t like reading on either a Kindle or a Kindle app, simply buy the books on Amazon and email a copy of your receipt to, state your format of choice (epub, mobi or PDF) and either I or my assistant will send you a copy of the book in that format within 48 hours. If you’re reading on a Nook, you’ll probably want epub; if you’re reading on an iPad and not using a Kindle app, PDF may be your best bet.

My Kindle exclusives include the following through January 15th, 2015:

Mated by the Wolf Part 1  AnneMarsh_BoundbytheViking200AnneMarsh_AtTheVikingsCommand200  AnneMarsh_SweetBurn800AnneMarsh_SmokingHotAnneMarsh_BurnsSoBad_200AnneMarsh_DrivingChloeWild200