Viking’s Orders


He shifts into a bear in the heat of battle…

Viking berserker Vikar lives for the fight until he meets Pure, Odin’s ice maiden and divine enforcer. Hired to protect her, Vikar will do anything to possess her—on his own erotic terms.

She’s the ice maiden sent to test him

Vikar can kill—but can he love? Ordered by Odin to test the Viking’s limits and to execute him if he fails her test, the savage Viking shifter tempts Pure to break her icy reserve and to give in to his wicked demands…and her own dark desires.

He’s fought for gods and kings…now he fights for her

In exchange for his protection, Vikar demands Pure give in to her most forbidden fantasies and take orders from Vikar and his second-in-command, Var. Two men. Two mercenaries. And a roughly tender erotic adventure that promises to melt Pure’s icy reserve…

Warning! 18+ only… this is a very, very sexy read. For an excerpt, click here.