Warriors Unleashed

AnneMarsh_VikingsOrders200Viking’s Orders
(Warriors Unleashed #1)

He shifts into a bear in the heat of battle…

Viking berserker Vikar lives for the fight until he meets Pure, Odin’s ice maiden and divine enforcer. Hired to protect her, Vikar will do anything to possess her—on his own erotic terms.

She’s the ice maiden sent to test him
Vikar can kill—but can he love? Ordered by Odin to test the Viking’s limits and to execute him if he fails her test, the savage Viking shifter tempts Pure to break her icy reserve and to give in to his wicked demands…and her own dark desires.

He’s fought for gods and kings…now he fights for her

In exchange for his protection, Vikar demands Pure give in to her most forbidden fantasies and take orders from Vikar and his second-in-command, Var. Two men. Two mercenaries. And a roughly tender erotic adventure that promises to melt Pure’s icy reserve…

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At the Viking’s Command
(Warriors Unleashed #2)


Tyra didn’t ask to become a werewolf and all she wants is to get on with her life. But when a prophecy foretells that the werewolves will bring about Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, the entire paranormal world is gunning for her new Pack.

A mercenary and soldier of fortune, Calder clawed his way to the top of the Viking world and he’ll defend his brothers-in-arms to the last breath. But nothing could have prepared him for the newly turned werewolf who demands his help.

Calder doesn’t trade sex for favors, but there’s no denying the intense sexual chemistry between them and soon the lines between duty and pleasure blur. But if Tyra wants to keep her Viking, first she’ll have to learn the sweet pleasures of submission…

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AnneMarsh_BoundbytheViking200Bound by the Viking
(Warriors Unleashed #3)

Being a werewolf’s mate sucks, but Bera doesn’t have a choice—until a big, brutish, and thoroughly pissed-off Viking crashes into her cave and rescues her. He may be hot and their chemistry off-the-charts good, but she’s done with domination games and alpha males.

Colden isn’t a nice guy—and he likes it that way. His rules are simple. Hit hard, fight mean, and defend what’s his. But when the Viking berserker rescues a sexy little werewolf and her pack names Colden as her new mate, the rules change. She wants to bargain for her freedom. He wants to keep her. Forever.

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As a newcomer to the Greenland werewolf pack, Dee has struggled to find her place. She’s too outspoken, too smart, too independent to play mate and secoannemarsh_vikingsgift_800nd fiddle to the male wolves. But belonging is important and life as an outsider too rough, so all this wolf wants for Christmas is a mate and a home of her own. You’d think shopping for a wolfie playmate would be easy—and you’d be wrong. Because available wolves are in short supply and the only other candidate she’s met? Carr’s a big, violent Viking werebear who can’t wait to hit the road. Falling in love with grumpiest Viking of them all is definitely not part of Dee’s plan, so why does she hunger for more of his touch?

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